Anupama 22nd November 2021 Promo Update: Kavya throws Anupama and the shah’s out of the house


The viewers of serial anupama must get ready for the new big twist of the upcoming episode.In the new episode vanraj will say that due to kavya the family face problems every day.

Vanraj will her that they must leave the house and she is the one responsible for all this .But she denies to go .She goes inside the house and bring the property papers.

She will tell that she orders all of them to leave the house because the house is no more theirs.She says that she is the owner of the house now.

The shah will get shocked to see the paper and to find that kavya had very cleverly taken the property from them and made it on her name.

How will the shah react to this ? Where they go now ?

Will anupama give them place to stay in her own house after all that happened ?

Stay tuned with us for the updates.And keep watching anupama.The viewers can now watch the episode before tv on online OTT platform Disney+Hotstar.

Anupama 20th Nov 2021 episode update :

So far it is seen that anupama and leela speaks to vanraj .Vanraj shouts on leela for what she has done to his father.Kavya blames anupama for all this

Anupama tells her that what was she doing when all this were happening. She very cleverly answers that Hasmukh has still not accepted her as his daughter.

Anupam asks that why has he not accepted her vanraj also questions her. Kavya gets shocked to listen only son asks vanraj tell whatever he has to tell to Anupama and not her.

Leela asks Kavya to shut up because she was the one who told her to do this. Anupama gets shocked.Vanraj shut the door on Leela’s face.

He finds her Hasmukh standing he goes and hugs him. He tells that he has done a mistake and he wants him to return back to his house.

He tells that he can’t attend the house anymore. Leela says that it is her mistake for which the family should not suffer. But he denies returning to the house.

Leela says that it was Kavya home forced her to take this decision. Kavya thinks that why is Leela blaming her is to become good in front of everyone.

Kavya says that she is not responsible for all these ,she tells that Anupama is responsible for all these.Vanraj reminds Kavya that after she came to that house not even for a single day they have stayed happy.

Kavya says that she is not responsible for all this. She tells that Anupama is responsible for all these and his parents are responsible for this. Everyone stands shocked.

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