Anupama 8th November 2021: Paritosh accuse Anuj of breaking Shah family

Anupama 8th November 2021

Anupama enjoys the party.Vanraj feels bad as he behaved badly with dolly he says that he gets angry very fast.Vanraj says to Kavya and Leela he has asked many times not to instigate fight as he loses his temper.

Toshu thinks of anu and walks angrily on the road.Anuj plays dumb charades. He makes Anupama guess the movie. Anupama wins the game.

Anu tells husmukh to leave as leela might be waiting for him.He tells that he has got happy many days later and he wants to stay there.

He says anupama that he wants to stay and if Anupama, allows he will stay.Anupama says her new house belongs to Hasmuk too. 

Vanraj says that he misbehaved with dolly as the house belongs to her too.He asks leela to give the house papers to him.Kavya takes the papers and keeps them with her.

Toshu reaches the house and hides anu tells husmukh to leave ,he gets ready anupama gives ssome pudding for leela.Hasmuk, Samar, Nandini and Pakhi leaves.

Kinjal decides to stay there.They clear the house,anupama tells anuj to do his wor first.Kinjal says that she will come there when ever she wants.

Toshu says no one will come to Anupama’s house whether it will be birthday, festival or anyone dies. Kinjal asks that was he hiding .He tells that he did not wanted to create darma in front of husmukh.

He says that because of anupama rakhi has thrown him out from the house and office because of Anupama. He accuse Anupama for burning his happiness. 

Anuj gets angry on him.Husmukh tells leela to eat the pudding.Jignesh agree with Hasmuk. Leela accuse Anupama for all the mess.

Toshu raises question on anuj and anupama’s relation.Samar talk with Nandini and says Anuj can be Anupama’s ‘someone special’.

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