Kundali Bhagya 19 October 2021-Preeta finds Sandeep in the market

Kundali Bhagya

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya upcoming episode update- Prithvi says to Sherlyn that it is a golden opportunity for them that they will take all the property and all the things from the lutra’s.

He says that once everyone comes down on the road then everyone will listen into them. On the other hand Sandeep speaks to sudipa.

Sudipa says that she thinks that Prithvi is a very bad human being she says that after the case is over Prithvi will not give money to him.

She asks Sandeep to belief Preeta and take the money from her, Sandeep tells that she is always in favor of the women.

Sudipa explains that do Prithvi has promised to give him a very large amount but still she does not believe him. Sherlyn speak to Rakhi ,Rakhi gets emotional.

On the other hand Pihu says that she wants to eat candy she asks Sameer to bring some candies for her. Then Preeta, Pihu and Sameer leaves for the market to buy some candies.

Suddenly Preeta’s mobile falls down and she picks up the phone. And she finds that Sandeep is roaming around with sudipa in the market.

She gets shocked to see both of them in the market she thinks that how can it be possible and the doctor has said that his condition is very critical.

Later on she visits sarla and tells what has she seen in the market.Sarla says that it must have been a misunderstanding, and she must have seen someone else.

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