Anupama Update – Vanraj Denies to help samar


Everyone appreciate Anupama for her motivation story Anuj praise Anupama for all her throughout her life.Samar comes there and inform that Nandini has left the house and she is going to find her.

Anuj says that he also must go with him so that it becomes easy for him to find out Nandini.Samar remember all the moments with Nandini.

Anuj asks him not to worry because everything will be ok disturb finding Nandini and asking everyone whether they had seen her or not.

The find Nandini returning home,anupama returns home and informs vanraj about everything. He calls samar but anuj picks of the call he gets angry thinking that Anuj is helping his son.

He tells Anupama there will be not helping samar because a notch is already with him. After sometime in Nandini returns home with everyone.

Anupama asks that where has she got she tells that Rohan has kidnapped her, but she tried to run but she got unconscious.

Everyone gets shocked listening to all this .Vanraj screen set Anupama for not informing him that all this has happened.Samar tells that he and Nandini had told Anupama not to information one.

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