‘Anupama’ Episode 16 October 2021 – THANK GOD ,Anuj saves nandini


Anupama tells her motivational story to everyone and everyone appreciate her for all her efforts Anuj ,Hasmukh, Leela everyone praises Anupama.

Anupama and Anuj entertains the participants with the dance performance.Vanraj watches the competition on his phone. 

Samar comes there in Hurry Anupama consoles him. Anuj says that he must go with him so that both of think and find out Nandini.

Anupama calls Vanraj to inform him about Samar and Nandini. But he does not listen to her because he starts fighting with the vendor.

Samar recalls the memories with Nandini and starts prays for her. Anuj asks him to stay calm as everything will get Ok with time.

Anuj also prays to God so that Nandini is ok.Bapuji asks Anupama to judge the competition. Seeing Anupama worried, he asks her about Anuj.

Anupama tells lie to Hasmukh, she says that actually he has got a very urgent work so he left.Anupama tastes every dish and judges the competition.

Devika asks the contestants to wait for a while as they will soon announce the results. Anuj tells samar that they need to inform the family because they need to involve police now.

Kavya finds Rohan in her friend list and asks vanraj. At the very moment Anupama enter the house. She inform 71 about what is happening with Nandini.

Vanraj calls Samar, Anuj picks his phone and talks to Vanraj. Vanraj gets furious.Anuj and Samar find Nandini on their way home. 

Samar brings back nandini home,anupama asks Nandini that where has he gone. Nandini tells the how Rohan was threating her.

Vanraj ask Anupama that why has she not told him anything about all this Nandini and samar tell that both of them has said Anupam and not to information thing to them.

Nandini also apologises to Vanraj. Samar then hugs Anuj to thank him for helping him. Anupama apologize to Anuj and thanks you for saving her family once again.

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