Anupama Episode 21st October promo update


Star Plus’s popular show Anupama is gaining more and more love from the audience the makers are coming up with something new in each and every episode.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Leela once again starts insulting Anuj. She says that she does not want any outside that to come inside her family.

She says that society people will not accept any outsider too. Anuj leaves from there which GK. Devika asks Anupama that what is she doing Anuj has saved her life so many times.

They Devika says Anupama that Anuj has helped her so many times and it is now her duty to look after Anuj. Anupama gets in front of Anujs car.

Anupama tells her that he has helped her a lot of times and it is hard time to stand beside him. Anupama asks Anuj whether he will be playing dandiya with her or not.

In the latest episode It is seen that how Anuj has got to know about the truth of Nandini and Rohan past from samar. All the family members are happily enjoying the Garba Night.

Anupama things that Rohan can do nothing because everyone is present in the Garba Night but Rohan has taken this opportunity to hurt Anupama.

Rohan take the first attempt to beat Anupama with the road but he fails because Anuj arrives there. Seeing Anuj Anupama gets shocked she asks that what is he doing over there.

Anuj says that actually he has messaged her beforehand because samar has invited him to come in the Garba Night. Anupama GK.

Everyone starts dancing, Rohan waits for an opportunity. Anuj tells vanraj that he should not worry about Rohan because nothing will be wrong.

Vanraj tells Anuj that nothing can be wrong because they will file a complaint in police, he also says that someone has asked them not to complain that’s why they just do not complain that day.

After some time Anupama goes to bring some water bottles, Rohan takes the opportunity he takes the rod and tries to hit Anupama but Anuj comes in between them.

Anuj asks Rohan to stay away from Anupama and her family, he says that if something happens to Anupama then he will not leave him.

Rohan says that he loves Nandini and wants to stay with her Anuj makes him understand that thing that he is saying love is not actual loveAnuj asks Rohan to say sorry to Nandini as well as samar.

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