Anupama Episode 2 October 2021 : Rakhi crosses all her limits, Anupama opens her mouth


Star Plus daily soap Anupama- today’s episode starts with Anuj telling sorry to Anupama. Anupama says him not to tell sorry. He asks that whether Anupama is ok or not.

Anupama message that she is ok Anuj asks again she is ok or not Anupama says that she is not but maybe she is used to listening to vanraj. Anuj says that he is extremely sorry for the last night.

He says that he does not know that who had mixed alcohol in the juice. Anupama asks Anuj to get ready for the meeting as they have to leave.

Leela tries to call Anupama but she is unable to reach her. Rakh asks Leela to bring a cup of black coffee for her Rakhi goes to seat in the swing, Leela ask her not to sit.

She does not listen to her, that she will be not listening to her. Anupama finds that Leela has called her many times she gets scared and thinks that maybe something is not ok at home.

Vanraj comes and says Anupama that he has spoken to Leela, he says that Rakhi is sitting in the house and she wants 20 lakh rupees, immediately.

Kinjal asks rakhi that was she behaving like this because she has already spoken to her, Kinjal tries to make her understand but Rakhi says that she is there to take her money back.

She takes Leela’s Mala, she does not listen to anyone Leela ask her to keep it safely. Suddenly it falls down and The Mala breaks. Leela gets upset she said that it was the last thing of her mother.

Leela ,Hasmukh starts finding on the bids .Vanraj and Anupama enters the house.Vanraj gets angry on Rakhi he asks her to leave.

Rakhi does not care about anything she says that she wants her money back.Vanraj tells that she has told to Kinjal that she will be asking for the money after the factory deal.

Rakhi says that there was no written agreement. Anupama gets angry she gives the cheque to Rakhi and ask her to leave as soon as possible.

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Rakhi says that Anupama is giving the money but the name written on the check is of Anuj Kapadiya.Vanraj thinks that Anupama did not tell him about money.

Leela also asks reduction to go away, Rakhi says that she has helped Anupama ,Anupama tells that she has not helped Anupama but there was a deal between them.

Anupama tells that she wishes that in the future she does not face this kind of problem and she would never have to go to her. Rakhi says that there will be no problem because Anuj Kapadiya is there.

Vanraj takes rakhi’s nameplate and breaks it, he asks her to leave as soon as possible. She falls down, Anupama asks samar to bring Gangaajal.Vanraj shuts the door on rakhi’s face.

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