Anupama Episode 1 october 2021 :Vanraj insults anupama,Anuj says ‘I LOVE YOU’


Anuj tells vanraj that, 26 years ago he had an accident he went to see Anupama when she was getting married. He says that it was him who was marrying Anupama and there was nothing for him to do at that moment.

Vanraj ask that did he like his blue Sherwani that he was wearing on his marriage day Anuj says that how can he be so in sensible. Both of them speaks nonsense.

And it keeps on saying that he loves Anupama. Vanraj says that he used to think that the relation between him and Kavya was the most weird relationship but after speaking to Anuj he thinks that the relationship of Anuj and Anupama is the most weird.

Vanraj Asks Anuj that how can he remember and love a person whom he has not made since 26 years. Anuj says that his name Anuj starts with Anu, so god has written the name Anu in his name. He says that whose name come first when calling his name how can he forget that person.

Anuj once again says that he loves Anupama. Anupama hears it from behind Kavya comes and asks that has she brought the yogurt

Anupama gives yogurt to her, Kavya asks Anupama to take Anuj to his room. Kavya takes vanraj to their room, Anupama struggles to take Anuj to his room and says that he wants his room to come in front of him.

Anupama somehow takes him to his room,vanraj says to Kavya that he loves her. Anupama take salute to his room and ask him to eat yogurt.

Anuj starts his shayari, Anupama asks him to explain it in simple language he says that he will explain it later on. The next morning Anupama Rings the doorbell of Anuj, Anuj opens the door and finds Anupama.

Anuj thinks that he has dreamt it for many years that she will be in front of him when he will open his eyes. Anu says that he has an headache he says that but he does not know why is feeling like this Anupama asks that don’t you remember anything.

Vanraj comes from his room and find both of them speaking in the corridor, Kavya says that they does not remember anything about the last night.Vanraj and Anuj starts thinking that what would have been spoken about both of them say that they don’t drink..

The tries to figure out what has happened but they are unable to figure out anything,vanraj says that he does not know that what has happened the last night but he sure that if he and Kavya was not there the last night then you would have enjoyed their trip.

Anupama says that he never used to take Anupama to his office parties because the smell of masala is to come from her hands but masala smell even comes from whatever he speaks.

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