Starplus Anupama Update: Anuj and Anupama will work together, kavya Gets jealous

Anupama serial

Kavya asks Anupama to stop all this and listen to vanraj . Anupama says that now she will listen to no one. Leela is upset with Anupama decision of working with Anuj.

Anupama ask Leela that she believes her or not,vanraj says that he does not believe her at all. Anupama does not care about him and you lost him.

Hasmukh, Jignesh, Kinjal and samar says that they will be always beside her in each and every decision. Hasmukh says that his blessings will always be with Anupama.

Anupama goes to her room and starts crying thinking that how much courage is required to go against family, Kinjal and samar comes and supports her.

Anupama says that she is not doing this only for her but also for all the women those who need the support and face problems regularly.

Anuj starts writing in his diary, GK comes and ask him that what has he wrote. He says that he always reads his diary, Anuj gets shocked. GK says that he reads his diary but he does not understand anything written on it.

Anuj says that Anupama believes that there is nothing in a Anuj’s mind for him and she also trust him a lot he says that he does not want to break the trust.

Anupama gets ready to leave for the office, she serves food to the family she goes to Leela. Leela ask kavya to serve the food.

Paritosh asks for water Anupama goes to help him out he tells Kavya to give him the water. Anupam tells Leela that Leela, she has prepared all the breakfast and food for them.

Leela says that they are very grateful that she is so good that she makes all the things before she goes to her job.Vanraj corrects Leela and says that it is not a job it is a partnership and it is a big thing.

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