Kundali Bhagya Episode 30th September 2021:Sristhi loves sameer,Preeta teases her

Kundali Bhagya

Today’s episode starts with Preeta telling to Sudha aunty that she does not like the boys that she has brought for Shristi. Shristi says that she can’t marry a lawyer because then the whole day they will argue.

Rishabh also supports her, Sudha finds that Pihu is falling a picture of a boy she goes to take the picture. Preeta tells everyone if this goes on then she will be bringing new boys picture everyday.

She says that she has to do something that the thing completely stops here. Current division area he says that Srishti should say that she likes girls not boys.

Sudha comes and asks that if Shristi has a hidden relationship then she can tell her. Everyone gets confused Srishti says that she actually likes girls more than boys.

Sudha leaves from there,sarla brings Jalebi for them everyone gets excited, she asks about the boys Shristi says that she did not like any of them.

On the other hand Bani finds that Kareena is angry she asks not to think about what happened in the morning. Kareena says that she wants not to think about it but it is coming to her mind.

Rakhi comes and bani asks her to make preeta understand that she must speak nicely with her family members, she asks her to bring a glass of water.

On the other hand Sherlyn sits in Sonakshi room, Sonakshi comes and gets shocked seeing her in her room. She asks that what is she doing over there.

Sherlyn tell her not to act in front of her, Sonakshi says that she is not acting. Sherlyn shows a picture to Sonakshi and she gets shocked Sonakshi says that it is an old picture.

Sherlyn says that she can act in front of everyone but not in front of her she ask her the truth. She says that she will be showing the pictures to everyone.

Sonakshi calls her and says that what does she want she shows her original colours. Sherlyn demands 10 crore rupees from her.

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