Apna time bhi aayega 30th September 2021 :Rani will marry Suraj,rajeshwari finds veer is alive

Apna time bhi aayega

Vijaya instructs Rajeshwari to clean the floor properly. Rani finds only family members in trouble and pain. On the other hand she has told mosaji to find out that where has Suraj kept veer.

Rani tries to see that if mausaji has figured out where is Veer per she’s finds no one, Rajmata brings tea for Vijaya Vijaya throws tea she says that she does not like the tea. And ask her to make the tea once again.

Vijaya finds that Rajeshwari is crying and cleaning the floor Rajeshwari things that Dikvijay is also not with her, and they are not even able to perform the last rituals of veer.

Rani could not see all these things she write a letter that veer is absolutely fine and ok she throws the paper on the floor and signals Rajeshwari but she fails to understand.

Letter on Rajeshwari gets angry thinking that Rani is also behaving like Vijaya. Rani Pushes Vijaya and acts as if she has done a mistake and falls down.

Vikram comes there Rani signals him to take the letter and go from there Vikram reads letter and gets happy. Hi friends Rajmata and Rajeshwari that veer still alive. On the other hand Suraj calls Vijaya.

Suraj says Vijaya that veer is not opening his mouth, she asks to to do the thing in that way that she has told. Suraj asks rani to come to the room and he asks her to sign some papers.

Rani finds that it is the divorce papers she gets shocked she denies to sign the papers Suraj threatens and asks that if she wants veer then she to listen to him.

Suraj calls his men and asks to Shoot veer, Rani get scared she asks Suraj to stop all this she tells that she will sign the paper. Surat says to visit that now he will marry Rani.

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