Apna time bhi aayega update : Vijaya backmails Rani,Veer is in danger

Apna time bhi aayega

Apna time bhi aayega

The episode starts with the Rani revealing the truth she says that veer is no more in this world and she herself killed him everyone is shocked to hear the news.

Rajmat asks that why has she done like this, Vijaya comes their Rajeshwari gets shocked to see her. Vikram says that he can’t believe all this what is being told by Rani.

Rani says that she is telling the truth she has only killed Veer. She says that she had taken the risks of a life and how can Rajeshwari with the queen.

Rajeshwari slaps Rani and starts crying she breaks down she says that she believed on her but now everything is broken. Rani says that she had made her father work as a servant in their house and she will be taking the revenge.

On the other hand a Rani remembers that how she was blackmailed by Vijaya. Vijaya and Suraj has kidnap David and kept him in a place where no one can find him.

Vijaya has told Rani to tell what she will tell her to tell to the family. Rani comes back home and asks Vijay to leave veer because she has done whatever she has told her to do.

Vijaya says that she is not an idiot that she will make this mistake she says Rani that aren’t in unless she gets the property papers she will not let anyone meet Veer.

A Rani begs to her and says that she should leave him, Rani says that we knows everything about the property papers. But Vijaya denies to listen to her.

On the other hand Suraj says to veer that he has already taken everything from them and now he will be taking running from his life.Veer starts laughing.

Veer ask him to be very careful because rani is not like what he is thinking of .Jai parents ask him that why is Champa sitting on the sofa and she is a servant.

Jai says that he has brought her to the place so that she can help them. His parents asks that why is Nandini looking show sad.Later on Jai singh asks Nandini to keep quiet and not to reveal anything to his parents.

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