Anupama Update :Vanraj and Anuj starts fighting for anupama


The episode starts with Anupama and Anuj.Vanraj taunts Anupama and says that she must click pictures. She leaves from there and ask them to enjoy.

Kavya gets angry on vanraj,she says that he knew very well that Anupama is there on the beach and that’s why he came there.

Kavya says that at first he was having problem in the relations because of Anupama and again the same thing is happening.

Anupama apologize to Anuj for spoiling the day Anuj asks that everything is ok or not she says that she is not ok she says that she is hungry.

They go to a restaurant,vanraj and Kavya reaches the same restaurant. Anupama gives water to Anuj,vanraj sees Anupama and Anuj coming close.

Someone comes and calls Anuj, Anupama asks him to go.Vanraj comes in front of Anupama, and says that she has came there for meeting and she is now enjoying with Anuj.

He starts insulting Anupama, Anupama eat’s the cake,vanraj stop speaking Anupama and ask why did he stop we should continue.

Vanraj tells that when the relation between him and Kavya , then Anupama made him the villain. And now she is repeating the same thing.

Anupama asks that whatever she does why is he worried about that.Vanraj gets shocked to hear this. He started saying that when the both of them get together they did not argue.

He says that now each and every day he argues with Kavya. He says that since 26 years there were no problems between them. Anupama says that that was only because she used to keep quiet.

Anupama message that now he has no right of her. Anuj comes back and finds him sitting with Anupama Kafi also gets shocked.

Anupama says sorry to Anuj she says that she was thinking that she will enjoy the time, and will remember the day forever. Anuj prays to God.

Vanraj and Anuj had some juice, actually alcohol was mixed in the juice so both of them start feeling uncomfortable . Both of them goes to the washroom.Suddenly Anupama and Kavya hears a sound and define that both of them are fighting.

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