Anupama Episode 24th September 2021: Anupama thanks Anuj for fulfilling her dream


Hasmukh gets angry ,Anupama say that she has always given a reason whenever Leela has got upset with her but this time she wants to extra question to her.

Anupama says to Leela that when Dolly went for a trip with her colleagues, she never ask her any questions then why she asking questions when she is going out.

Vanraj interrupts in between and says that because none of the dolly’s colleagues had a crush upon her. Anupama asks how can he be sure that no one had a crush on her.

Anupama says that no one knows what is going inside someone. She says that she also did not know what was going inside vanraj for the past 25 years .

Leela tells that a boy and a girl can never be friends. Leela raises her concern that what will happen if something happens to Anupama. Anupama makes sure that no one can even touch her without her concern.

Hasmukh and Anupama leaves,samar and Kinjal packs Anupama’s bag, they get excited thinking there will be going out. Paritosh asks them to stop Anupama.

Kinjal asks Paritosh not to worry about anything when he had already left the house and his family,samar and Kinjal takes Anupama inside.

Hasmuk tries to cheer up Anupama. Pakhi, Kinjal and Samar come.Anupama says that how she has always had dream of boarding the flight and seeing the sea.Also read | Anupama Weekly Update: Anupama and Anuj travels to Mumbai 👉👉

Kavya speaks to vanraj and says that she is very jealous on anupama,vanraj says he is unaffected. Anu gets excited ,she also rmembers that she has to return rakhi’s money.

Vanraj hear Anuj’s name and wonder why he gets jealous by Anuj as he loves Kavya. He thinks that when he has never loved anupama then why is he getting affected.

Hasmuk call Anupama business woman.Samar decides to make a passport.Anuj thinks about Anupama. Anupama asks God to keep supporting her.

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