Anupama Update: Anupama declares her decision, Will vanraj allow her to work?


High Voltage drama is going on in Star Plus serial Anupama. In the latest episode Devika makes Anupama understand that she must think about her self. It is that for 26 years she has only done for her family.

On the other hand Anuj speaks to his team members about the project. Hasmukh finds something Leela asks that what is he finding, he tells her to to keep quiet because he is very angry.

Kavya comes and starts taunting Anupama. Anupama teachers dance to the students and things about what has Devika told to her.

GK finds that Anuj is upset and sitting all alone, he asks that what happened Anu says that he has never expected anything but now he has started expecting something.

Anuj says that he is very upset and he wants to make the dinner. At the very moment the door bell rings and he thinks that Anupama has came, but unfortunately it is a delivery boy who gives the box of sweet.

GK says that maybe Anupama will give a good news. Kinjal give this sweets today family Leela asks that why she is giving this sweets.

Anupama enters the house and announces that she will be working with Anuj Kapadiya, she takes the pain from one large and signs the paper in front of everyone.[Read more | Anupama Ep 369- 16th sept 2021 : Devika makes Anupama understand πŸ‘‰]

Vanraj says that she can’t work when he had decided that she will not work. Anupama reminds him that she is no more married to him and now she will not listen to him at all.

Leela says Anupama that She Must Think about the family at least Anupama says that for the last 26 years she only have been thinking about the family she has never thought of herself.

Hasmukh, Pakhi, Kinjal, Jignesh and samar start clapping for Anupama because she has taken a decision for herself.

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