Anupama Episode 17th September 2021: GOOD NEWS! Anupama decides to work with Anuj



Star Plus daily soap Anupama is coming up with new and interesting twist in his upcoming episode. Devika makes Anupama understand that she must look after her life.

Anupama asks Devika to leave the place if she has told all the things that she wanted to tell her. Devika closes the door of the dance academy and says that she has not finished yet.

Devika tells Anupama that if Leela is not agreeing to her then she should make her agree if Paritosh is not listening to her then she must make him understand.

Devika tells Anupama to look after herself and take a decision for herself. On the other hand and speaks to his team member. GK finds that Anuj is is waiting for Anupama.

Devika leaves the place , Anupama stars dancing and she teaches dance to her students. Devika reaches Anuj’s office and says that she does not know if Anupama is going to say yes for the project or not.

Anuj asks that did Anupama say no to her, Devika asks Anuj to speak to Anupama, but he says that it is anupama’s decision and he must not interfere in her life.

Anupama remembers all the things that has been told by Devika. Anupama please the dance academy and calls they we can ask for Anuj address and number.

Anuj seats upset, GK asked that what is he doing all alone. He tells that he does not know that he had always thought that he will not expect anything from anyone but he has started expecting.

Anuj said that he will make dinner, the door bell rings and both of them things that it is Anupama. Delivery man comes and gives Anuj a box of sweet.

Anuj thinks that who has send the box of sweets for him, GK tells that it the suites has arrived and maybe the good news will also arrive soon.

At the house Kinjal gives sweet to everyone Leela asks that why is she giving this sweets. Anupama enter the house and says that she has send this sweets.

Anupama takes the pen from vanraj and signs the partnership papers. Leela asks that how can I should like this.Vanraj shouts at Anupama and says that she will not work with Anuj.

He asked that how can she take the decision when already he has told her not to work. Anupama says that he is no more her husband.

Anupama tells Leela that all the life she has only thought about others, and now it is time for her to think about herself, Kinjal,samar, pakhi ,Hasmukh and Jignesh starts clapping for Anupama.

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