Anupama Update: Anuj and GK invites the Shah’s on Ganesh Chaturthi

anupama 21st september 2021 written update

anupama 21st september 2021 written update

Anupama accepts the offer to work with Anuj. Anuj gets excited after Anupama says yes to his offer he makes understand that she is not doing on this only for her.

Anuj says that is now Anupama is not alone he will be with her and help her established herself. They decide to start the project on the Ganesh Chaturthi .

GK makes Anuj agree to invite Anupama and her family to their place. He says to Anuj that if they can celebrate Janmashtami with Anupama, their family can also come on Ganesh Chaturthi.

Vanraj gets angry and says that there will be not visiting Anuj’s house, Hasmukh says that he will be going. Kavya makes him understand that he is making and mistake because their problem is with Anupama, not Anuj.

In the upcoming episode- Anupama reaches anuj’s house. Anuj gets happy seeing her at his place. On the other hand the family is very upset with Anupama.

When Anupama goes to the factory vanraj says that she no more need to worry about the factory because she now have to take the responsibility of the multi star restaurant.

Vanraj asks to remove all the dishes prepared by Anupama at the cafe. What will happen now,will Anuj help Anupama?

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