Anupama Episode Update 21st September 2021 : New Challenge For Anupama,Anuj invites Anupama


Anuj tells Anupama that it is not only for her but she will be working with a lot of women to face the same difficulties that she has faced all these years.

Anupama says Anuj that it is Ganesh Chaturthi and they will be starting their new project on that day. Leela tells Kavya that every year Anupama used to do the preparations of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Kavya says that every year she used to look but this year she is not doing, Kavya films Anupama and says that she is intentionally getting late.

Pakhi comes and tells that this year they will be doing some different kind of decorations in the Ganesh Chaturthi. Leela tells that whatever decoration they will be doing they must also do at the factory because they will be celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi at the factory also.

Anuj asks Anupama that can he help her by calling auto rickshaw. Anupama says that she has brought her own car he asks that he did not expect right that he can drive a car.

I know this is actually the last Day she was speaking about auto rickshaw that’s why he just ask her. Anuj ask for Anupama’s mobile number.

Anupama leaves, Anuj gets excited and speaks to himself that after 26 years he has got the confidence to ask for her number, she feels awkward because he forgot that he was standing on the road.

Anupama meets Devika, Devika asks that what does she want to say. Anupama finds that she is very upset and angry with her. Anupama gives a cup of coffee where it is written that she has accepted the deal.

Devika gets happy and hugs Anupama, she tells that it is the best decision of her life. Anupama tells that she wished that it is the best decision of Anuj’s life also.

She tells that she has a meeting and leaves she thinks that she has already accepted the first thing. She thinks that Anuj and Anupama both are very innocent but vanraj and Kavya both are very clever.

GK tells Anuj that they should invite Anupama and her family to their house to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. Anuj denies he says that why will he invite her. GK somehow make him understand, and Anuj says yes.

Vanraj tell his family that no one will be going to Anuj’s place he says that he is an outsider and why is he always, excited to get into their life.

Samar says that he is not an outsider but he is a partner of Anupama in business. Anupama enters the house Leela starts accusing her for all this mess at the house.

Hasmukh tells that he will be going to Anuj’s house. Kavya things that how can vanraj such a fool, because there problem is with Anupama not Anuj.

Vanraj goes to call Anuj to tell him that they will be not coming to their place but Kavya stops him and make him understand. That if they do like this she will also miss the opportunity of the job.

Anuj and GK get into the preparations of Ganesh Chaturthi, GK asks that Anupama is coming to their house for the first time and what should he give her.

Anuj says to give the jewellery that his Grand mum gave to her mother, he gets excited listening this but he says that the bank is closed now the jewellery is at the bank.

Anuj says that he is only joking, Anuj says that he thinks that vanraj does not like him GK says that it is sure that he does not like him.

Anuj says that he will not get into the personal matter of Anupama but if, any day if he finds Anupama is in a problem where she can’t get out of the problem on her own, he will definitely help her.

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