Kundali Bhagya August 4, 2021 Episode: Karan and preeta gets romantic

Kundali Bhagya

Today’s episode starts with Srishti, she sees Sameer speaking to Ananya. Sameer says that he is in a complicated relationship, seeing Ananya and Sameer speaking Srishti gets upset and leaves. Ananya says to Sameer she understood that what you are speaking about.

Ananya says to Sameer that she will help him to express his feelings to Srishti so that they can get into a relationship. Ananya says that they will beat in the ceremony and she will help him to impress Srishti.

Sonakshi gets to know that Srishti is there and Srishti is preeta sister she goes to preeta and says that her sister Srishti is there Karan says that she destroyed the surprise that he wanted to give to her.

Karan and Sonakshi remember that how in the college there is a boy used to teach Karan and one day Sonakshi had taught him a lesson. They get nostalgic thinking about their college days.

Janki arrives and meets Preeta telling her how much she missed her. Preeta is delighted to see her and asks her why Sarla said that Srishti ran away from the house. 

The Dance choreographer asks Karan and preeta for their dance performance . Both of them does a fantastic dance performance. Rakhi comes and scolds preeta for not taking rest she says that she was always the in the rest . Rakhi says that she should take rest otherwise she will get ill.

Preeta goes to the kitchen Shristi overhears a conversation between Rajat’s mother and his uncle she thinks that something is fishy.

She thinks of informing this to Sameer and goes to Sameer. Actually Srishti heard that they are speaking about something that they should keep as a secret until the wedding completes.

Preeta and Karan speaks Karan says that she is looking very beautiful these days,preeta says that she will also argue with him when they will become old . Karan gets upset,preeta thinks that he is only doing this to get attention, she things to cheer him up.

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