Apna Time Bhi Aayega 4th August 2021: Ranvijay provokes Veer

Apna time bhi aayega

Rani comes to her room and sees that Ranvijay is finding something in hard drawers. Rani gets shocked the she asks that what is he doing there, Ranvijay says that she is finding his medicines the medicines are with Veer. Rani says that she will bring the medicines she brings the medicines and give to him.

He asks for water reducing water then asks that she must call to veer, and say about his condition he says that he is feeling well now he is go to His room and take rest Rani says that she will help him out. He says that he is acidity ok and can go alone. Ranvijay thinks that this time he has saved himself from getting caught.

Rani comes and sees Rajeshwari upset she can’t see her in that condition she goes to Veer and brings all the toys that we used to play with in his childhood. He gets emotional he asks that from where did she get it. Rani says that she got it from somewhere but it proves that Rani Sa loves him.

She explains that Rani Sa has kept all the toys of Veer so nicely and this proves that she loves him. Veer remembers the time when Rajeshwari used to speak to him rudely. He says that Rajeshwari is only acting good because I came to know that he is her son.

Rani says that it is not the original reason veer ask that what is then the reason. Everyone sits in the Puja Rajeshwari Looks for Veer, Rani comes downstairs and Rani Sa asks about Veer. Veer comes down stairs and everyone gets shocked everyone sits in the Puja.

Everyone prays to God suddenly Rani Sa loses her conscious, veer bring the blood pressure machine, and checks her pressure, Rani gives him chocolate and says that when she fainted he gave her chocolate. Veer tells Rajeshwari to eat the chocolate.

Rani says to Rajmata that they should change the doctor, Rajmata says that there could be no good doctor then Veer. Rajmata tells a story to Rani that once they have gone for a trip in the mountains when Rani Sa fell sick and Veer decided that, he will become a doctor at that time only.

Ranvijay says that all the time he used to think that how is his son, he says that his son is great and his heart is very big. He says that it is very good that he has got a wife like a Rani, and he starts telling about what has happened to Rani in the past few days. Rani things that why is he Provoking Veer, she thinks that something is not correct.

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