Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 : Pratigya tells Meera To Open Her Mangalsutra

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 27th july 2021

Krishna is angry on meera ,he doesnot sven care that she is caring his child because meera has done wrong with pratigya.

Meera feels uncomfortable so ammaji takes her to the hospital the doctor tells her to take some home meera goes to take the medicine when the medicine falls.

Pratigya helps her in finding the medicine,pratigya sees that the medicine given to her is not correct.Pratigya tells the family that meera should not take the medicine as it is not right for pregnant woman.

Krishna tells pratigya not to get into all this matter as he has told the doctor as she don’t want the baby.Pratigya says that it is wrong to do this.

Pratigya calls the doctor .Later on meera asks krishna to stay with her and krishna agrees seeing this pratigya is shocked .

Later on ammaji keeps a puja for meera and krishna.Pratigya ask meera to open her mangalsutra as she is not krishna’s wife.

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