Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 3rd August 2021 :Krishna and Pratigya gets shocked seeing Meera

Mann ki awaaz pratigya 2

Shakti says to Kesar and says that he will punish her as she had made him wait for a long time. He takes a stick in his hand and tells that he will beat kesar now. Kesar says that if he goes that then she will file a case against him.

Shakti gets angry and asks Kesar if she threatening him with laws. He says that nowadays Kesar is with pratigya and that’s why she talks like this but he is not someone who will get scared easily also he won’t act like a lost puppy how Krishna acts around Pratigya.

Shakti says that Kesar is angry now he will cool her. He brings a bucket of water and tells that now Kesar will cool down. He throws the water on her she gets shocked. He ties Kesar to a chair and Switches on the AC.

Krishna hugs pratigya when she is making food. The kids come and ask that what are they doing, Krishna says that he is learning cooking from pratigya. Kriti tells that’s good because they can get more time to study with the help of Pratigya by their side. Krishna tells the kids even he will teach them.

Pratigya and the kids laugh hearing this. Krishna takes them out of the kitchen.Sajjan speaks to one of his clients. Sajjan sees Meera is coming there so he asks Meera to go with Shakti to bring medicines for them.

Later on, Mishra follows Meera then closes the door. Meera gets shocked and asks Mishra who is he and what is he doing here. Pratigya looks for Meera and couldn’t find her.

Kesar says that shakti has taken her to buy medicines. Shakti returns pratigya asks that where is Meera he ignores. Both Krishna and Pratigya get shocked seeing Meer who enters the house in a miserable state.

Pratigya queries that what has happened Meera says nothing and goes in the room and locks the door and starts crying. Shakti tells that Meera must once again decide to commit suicide then recalled Pratigya’s lectures so she returned to the house. Pratigya and Krishna angrily look at Shakti.

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