Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 : Doctors tells them about Meera’s miscarriage

mann ki awaaz pratigya 2
images-still from the show

Serial Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 is coming up with new twist in its upcoming episodes. Till now it is shown that Krishna seats in the Puja with Pratigya and seeing this meera feels jealous.

When she sees her blissful with Krishna and the kids, she decides to end her life. She plans that she will, Khel Pratigyaby letting the water run in the bathroom and adding a live wire in it. 

But unfortunately her plane fails and she herself falls down. As soon as she falls down Pratigya comes to save her. Krishna takes her to the hospital.

Later on the doctor tells that meera has lost her child and the shocks everyone.

Pratigya asks Adarsh that what is he up to he says that he wants to take revenge from Komal , he says that because of her his mother died.

Komal overhears all these conversations between Pratigya and Aadarsh and gets upset. 

Meera will get to know about her miscarriage and she will run out of her room. Everyone will look for her and it will be seen that she will try to jump off the roof. 

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