Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 :Ammaji locks Adarsh and Pratigya in a storeroom

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2
image-still from the show

The current track of serial mann ki awaaz ratigya 2 is very interesting.The family member does not want krishna to remember his past and so they are always trying to keep pratigya away from him.

Meera gets jealous of pratigya when she learns that krishna has given pratigya some jewellery, after hearing this meera burns all of pratigya’s clothes.

Ammaji gives pratigya old servants clothes to wear, seeing this krishna tell pratigya that he will buy new clothes for her.

Ammaji asks pratigya and adarsh to go for the shopping when krishna learns thishe calls pratigya and asks her why she went with adarsh .

when Pratgiya returns, she somehow manages to calm down Krishna. Later, to create more confusion, Ammaji locks Adarsh and Pratigya in a storeroom.

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