Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 7th July 2021: Krishna makes Pratigya jealous

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 7th July 2021

Krishna goes for jogging Pratigya joins him and ask him to forgive her for slapping him Krishna doesn’t say anything Pratigya tells that she was angry that’s why she raised her hand on him. Krishna tells first do a mistake didn’t ask Apology then repeat the same.

Pratigya tells that she got angry hearing him was that’s why she slapped him Krishna tells what would have happened if he was in her place who did this then she must have done so much drama about raising hand on a woman and tells not even once he raised his hand on any woman.

Krishna tell Pratigya what she is trying to say to which Pratigya says that he lost his memory then he could new that not even once he raised his hand on a woman Krishna gets angry and tells Pratigya to take advantage of his memory loss he goes inside the house per think we are also enters behind him and she tries to serve him Jose but Krishna stop sir and feels his Glass by himself.

Krishna tells everyone that he is very much lucky that he has got such a good wife who always takes care of him and he is proud of that.Sajjan praises Mera and says that she is not only a good voice but also very good daughter in law and she takes care of everyone over there she tells that she would like to feed Krishna.Krishna says he will be feeding her. Seeing all these things Pratigya gets angry and leaves from there after leaving Krishna also leaves.

Meera gets upset and she is going to leave but Sumitra tells her that she will be feeding her but she doesn’t listen to her and she leaves. She goes to Pratigya room and says her that couldn’t see that Krishna loves her so much and was going to feed her with his own hands then why is she always thinking of ruining their relationship. Pratigya says that it was only to make her jealous because no one does this to show love in front of everyone.

Meera doesn’t believe her words, she gets angry, she lives from they are indenters Krishna’s room she sees that Krishna is sleeping She Smiles Pratigya decides to go to meet Krishna but Sumitra stops her by saying that why is she not letting everyone have a peaceful life and asks her not to disturb Krishna because he is sleeping Meera comes there and ask Sumitra to ignore Pratigya then says when Krishna wakes up you will show her the place she deserves.

When Krishna wakes up he comes and searches for his wife everyone comes to the hall and wonders that what has happened Sumitra asks Krishna why is he so angry. Everyone starts asking that what happened Krishna tells meera that he doesn’t like this kind of nonsense he gets angry on major Krishna tells me that he won’t tolerate all these things and tells her to stay in her limits meera does not tell anything and just stands there quietly.

Krishna versus his hand and remembers that he had tattoo of pratigyaa’s name on his hands. Sumitra goes and gifts adarsh and tells that she is very lucky that she has such a good son in law Komal signs adarsh so he takes the gift and nods his head. Komal hugs Sumitra and says that she is very happy adarsh gets frustrated Pratigya wonders how she is going to make Krishna forgive her.

Pratigya goes and stops Krishna saying that he looks cute like a kid when he gets angry and then asks him to forget and forgive her then she sees Sumitra and leaves the place . Sumitra asks Krishna what happened Krishna tells everything from how he saw Pratigya face has a bride to he recalls that he tattoo and Pratigya s name in his hand hearing only Sumitra gets shocked.

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