Kundali Bhagya July 21, 2021 : Sherlyn decides to kill preeta’s Child

Kundali Bhagya July 21 2021 Written Update

Preeta goes to mahesh .Mahesh gives blessings to her,Preeta goes to her room and by mistake she drops the test kit .kareena finds the test kit and gos to preeta tells not to take the test as Daimaa will do it.Kareena leaves ,Karan enters and tells preeta to do the test.

Preeta goes to do the test,Preeta comes out of the bathroom after taking the test, she stands still to which Karan asks her to reveal the results.Karan then reveals that the test is positive and preeta is pregnant.Sarla ,shisti and janki comes to the lutra house.

Janki asks about preeta to sherlyn to which sherlyn taunts her.Janki then gives her a befitting reply to which Sarla intervenes and takes her away.Shristi says that how sherlyn has planned to kill preeta and she had blamed mahira for her miscarriage . As she reveals the truth, Sherlyn is left shocked at how she knew about her plan. 

Preeta and karan downstairs.preeta thinks that why only a few guests are there.Rakhi says that they have invited only a few of the guests.Sarla gets emotional and blesses preeta.Janki says that preeta’s face is glowing.

Shristhi asks if she can now meet them but Sarla allows her saying she is still not finished, Shristhi then hugs them, they start joking when Janki replies that she is filled with the aurora of the new child, Shristhi exclaims that she should give birth to the new child and it should be a girl but not like her as then she would not be the one and only in the world.

Sherlin reaches the kitchen exclaiming she hates Preeta, Prithvi calls her asking about her health and the party, she exclaims the entire family is working for Preeta and not even care for her.Sherlyn says that she wants to take revenge pritvi calms her down.

Prithvi tries to explain that her pregnancy was hidden for a lot of time but after the family found out they treated her with a lot of care.She tells that preeta was the reason why she lost her child now she will try to kill preeta’s child.Sherlyn denies to listen to all this and cuts the call.Prithvi is tensed wondering how he must stop Sherlin from trying to kill the child.

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