‘Kundali Bhagya’ July 10 Written Update: Preeta and karan plans for a child

Kundali Bhagya July 10 Written Update

In upcoming episodes of kundali Bhagya there will be lots of Twist. Prithvi thinks that he should teach mahira a lesson and tells mahira to leave the house.

There preeta tells karan about rakhi and how she is upset after she came to know that sherlyn has lost her baby.rakhi is ver sad .Hearing this skaran gets upset.Preeta tells a plan to karan she says that she waantt to become a mother and experience motherhood.

Preeta says to Karan that if they have a baby then they can bring back happiness to the family and rakhi too.Preeta goes to console rakhi when she sees her crying.[Watch | kundali bhagya episode 12 july upcoming week 👉👉👉]

Kareena see’s rakhi and preeta and asks that why is she crying.Rakhi says how she had designed a room for sherlyn’s baby.and how she and mahesh used to speak about the baby.

Rakhi states how she and Mahesh decorated the room with baby pictures and hoped that Sherlyn would give birth to a baby girl with whom she would play in this room all day. 

Preeta tells karan that if they have a baby they can bring back happiness to the luthra family .Preeta says that also she wants to experience motherhood. Karan tells her how she has given her the best reason for happiness.

Kundali Bhagya July 10 Written Update

Prithvi meets Sherlyn and instead of consoling her on the demise of her baby, he tells her that it happened for good and leaves her in shock.

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