Kundali Bhagya 9th July 2021: Rishabh cries seeing Sherlyn’s condition

Kundali Bhagya 9th July 2021 written update

Preeta asks Prithvi that how did he know that sherlyns accident happened due to a truck Prithvi stills are there actually Kritika told him about the accident thats why he did not bring her with him . Prithvi’s phone rings and he tells that he had to pick up this call because this is a very important call and goes.

The doctor tells that sherlyn’s condition is very critical she has lost much of blood Rishab tells them to try their best to save sherlyn. Rishab gets emotional and starts crying Karan consoles Rishabh. The family arrives at the hospital and goes to the operation theatre.

On the other hand Mahira thinks off how she accidentally post Sherlyn instead of Preeta. Prithvi calls Mahira and asks about how the Accident happened Mahira lies that she has gone to meet her mother. Prithvi that he has to do something.

The doctor tell that Sherlyn’s condition is very critical and now the only option is to pray to God. The whole family seats in front of the hospital temple and place for Sherlyn, Rakhi tells that she feels that something bad is going to happen. Dadi says to say positive things and ensures that nothing will happen to Sherlyn nor to her baby.

Doctor comes and says the challenge is fine but they could not save her baby. The whole family gets upset everyone starts crying Rakhi enters the room where she has decorated all the things for Sherlyn’s baby.she cries ,Preeta comes and tries to console her preeta tells that everything will be getting ok and fine with time.

Rakhi tells that how she and Mahesh used to think about Sherlyn’s baby and they also thought about some names. Kareena hears this and leaves from there. Sanjana comes and hugs Sherlyn and she says that she can feel how much pain she is in. Sherlyn asks about Prithvi, Prithvi comes and asks that how Sherlyn is feeling.

Sanjana alerts them that they are in Luthra Mansion and closes the door from inside she tells Sherlyn to stay away from Prithvi as he is not a good human being. Sherlyn tells Sanjana to leave, she leaves Prithvi says sherlyn that he knows that she is very much upset but it’s good that the child is dead.

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