Kundali Bhagya episode 6th July 2021: Shelyn gets admitted to the hospital

Kundali bhagya episode 6th july 2021

Rishabh runs upstairs to rakhis room the room is locked from outside Sanjana follows him. Rishabh Travels to Prithvi to open the door because Sherlyn has lost his consciousness. But Prithvi doesn’t open the door Preetha tells everyone that she thinks that maybe Sherlyn has got and panic attack and they should open the door soon.

Sanjana tries to calm down Rishabh she tells him that she should not miss understanding this situation. Rishabh shares her not to repeat her words and gets angry at her Rishabh says to Prithvi that they have seen everything and tells him to open the door.

Preetha tells Rishabh that she thinks that silent has got a panic attack and they should immediately break the door Prithvi opens the door and they admit Sherlyn to the hospital. Dadi prays to got for Sherlyn and her baby. Rishabh starts saying that if the door was not closed then they could have admitted Sherlyn before.

Dadi asks why the door was closed Rishabh goes to Prithvi and asks him that why the door was closed. Pitru tells everyone not to misunderstand him, Kritika says that everyone has seen everything and asks him to tell the truth. Srishti tells Prithvi about the live telecast Prithvi gets shocked to know. Prithvi tells not to misunderstand him and sherlyn because if they had bad intentions then why would they go to Rakhi’s room.

Prithvi tells everyone that he had a sound from Rakhis’s room and when he went up to his Sherlyn he went through the window and was trying to calm down silent so that should doesn’t do tension. Prithvi asks that did he did something wrong because he was only helping a pregnant for men. Prithvi asks that who had the idea of fitting the camera Preeta reveals that she was the one who has put the camera in sherlyn’s necklace.

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Prithvi tells that due to Preetha everyone has saved sherlyn life, the doctor comes and says that Sherlyn is ok now and she has got back her consciousness and asks the family members to meet her. Prithvi gives a signal to Sherlyn that everything is fine. Sherlyn tells Rishabh that she is fine.

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