Starplus anupama episode 6th july 2021-Leela brings the engagement ring and stuns Anupama

Anupama 6th july 2021 written update

Today’s episode starts with Anupama apologizing to the whole family and samar and Nandini that she could not make Leela agree for the marriage of Nandini and samar. Suddenly Leela comes with the engagement ring and everyone gets shocked. Anupama gets emotional and she tell her that she is very happy that she has finally accepted the relation of Samer and Nandini. Everyone starts praising Leela because she has accepted the relation at last.

Anupama ask Kavya that did she accept, Kavya asks that she could not understand anything ? Hasmukh says that every things should change with time, Kavya asks that if every should change with time then why are all the family members not accepting her. Hasmukh says that everyone wants to accept her but she also need to put effort.

Anupama is very happy Kavya it starts taunting Anupama because she has told vanraj to bring cake for samar. Anupama says that she has told samars father to bring the cake for his son. Kavyaask anupama that is she taunting her because she could not conceive, Anupama says that she is not that bad.

Nandini tells samar that she cannot believe just Leela has accepted they are relationship. Vanraj gives money to samar, you and he tells that he want to help Anupama and make everyone happy listening to this vanraj gets happy with samar. Kavya ask samar about out his talk with vanraj ,he does not give any reply.Kavya then asks vanraj about what he was speaking with samar.

Vanraj says that he thinks that kavya should not know all those things. Kavya starts thinking that post marriage Vanraj has became very close to his family. Next morning Kinjal gets very nervous because she has a presentation. Kavya tells that she is confident Kinjal says not to be overconfident.

Letter on when Kavya gets to know that Anupama has given idea for the cafe she starts laughing, Vanraj tells Kavya that can she give some idea Kavya says that she has an important meeting and will tell him later on.

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