Apna time bhi aayega episode 19th july Promo : Rani gets to know the truth of Ranvijay

Apna time bhi aayega episode 19th july

The upcoming episodes of serial apna time bhi aayega will be interesting as rain will come to know the truth of veer’s father.The new promo for episode 19th July 2021 has been released on youtube.

According to the promo rajmata tells kumud that at least she should have thought about veer .Rajmata asks kumud that what will happen if veer gets the know the truth. Rajmata tells Kumud that if veer get to know that truth that he is not dikvijays son then how will he react.

Rajmata tells that when veer will get to know that his father is is his own patient that is Ranvijay then what will happen. And as Rajmata speaks to kumud Rani years all this conversations, and Kumud see’s that Rani is standing there. And Rajmata and kumud both gets shocked.

In the earlier episodes it was shown that Rani and Veer are trying their based so that they can save the life of the patient. Rajmata gets to know that the patient is no one but her elder son Ranvijay. After knowing the truth Rajmata asks to see him but Dikvijay tells that it’s not the right time.

Till now we does not know the truth that he is not rajeshwari’s and Dikvijay son. Rajeswari goes to the hospital to see that who is the patient. The doctor tells Veer and Rani the patient’s condition is improving and soon the patient will get back all his senses.

When Rajmata and Dikvijay gets to know that Rajeshwari has went to the hospital they follow her. Because when Rajeshwari speaks with Rajmata ,Rani and Veer, hearing the conversations Ranvijay get back his senses. She walks towards Rajeshwari and keeps the hand on her shoulder.

But unfortunately he loses his concious and falls down, Veer asks to take him back, he tells that his patient will get cured soon.There are lots of twists in the upcoming episodes.

Viewers can now watch the episode online on the zee5 app.

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