Kundali bhagya episode 19th july Promo : Preeta gives everyone a good news

Kundali bhagya episode 19th july 2021

The upcoming episodes of serial Kundali Bhagya will be very interesting. The makers of the serial has came up with new twist and turns. As the serial completes 4 years, the whole team of kundali Bhagya as well as the audience both are very happy.

The new promo for 19 July 2021 has been released on YouTube. It is shown in the promo that Kritika tells Rakhi, that is the thing that is gone they should not worry about that. She tells that she doesn’t know that what will be their future, Kratika explains to rakhi that whatever has happened in the past they should forget.

Letter on all the family members together in the hall, dadi that she is very happy because Mahesh has come and meet everyone after 3 months. She tells that Preeta has given up very good news and due to that the family is very happy.

In the earlier episodes, it was shown that Mahira comes to the Shaadi Mandap so that she can stop the marriage of Kritika and Prithvi. She tells everyone that Sherlyn cheating upon everyone. She tries to explain to Kritika that Prithvi is not a good human being. But she does not listen to all this and slap her.

Later on, Srishti comes with doctor Roshni and tells her to explain the truth to the whole family, but before doctor Roshni tells the truth to everyone , she was blackmailed due to which she refused to you tell truth to everyone. Later on, it is shown that Rishab calls the police.Prithvi marriage Kritika successfully.

Upcoming episodes will be more interesting so keep watching Kundali Bhagya. Viewers can now watch Kundali Bhagya on zee5 app.

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