Anupamaa July 12 Episode Spoiler Upcoming Week: Samar Gets Angry On Anupama For Helping Vanraj

Anupamaa July 12 2021 Episode Written Update

Anupama shares her cafe idea with her family and the family agrees with it as it is a very good idea,Vanraj gets excited to work on the idea and become a entrepreneur.Toshu gets excited listening to the plan.

Samar gets angry hearing the idea. Vanraj agrees and says that it’s a brilliant idea, he would be an entrepreneur. 

Kavya did not agree to the idea.Kavya fix up a interview for vanraj as she thinks she should help her as vanraj is unable to get the job on his own.Kavya fixes the interview at 12 and asks vanraj to to for the interview.Vanraj agrees to go for the interview.

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But samar gets upset he tells anu that vanraj and vanraj has hurt her very much in the past then why is she helping them in their time when both of them has lost their jobs.

Bapuji asks vanraj to discuss it once with his wife Kavya before taking any decision. Kavya disagrees with his idea and doesn’t give her consent.Later on vanraj asks Kavya about the audio given by Anupam Kavya does not agree with the idea at all.

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Vanraj tells that he will be working on this idea and tells her to support him so that he can accomplish his dream. At last Kavya agrees to him but says him that he will have to manage the funds and look after all the things. Kavya says that she is only agreeing to his plan and she should not expect anything else from her.[Anupama 10th July 2021: Kavya gets furious on Anupama’s Idea πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰]

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