Anupama episode 12 July 2021 : Kavya gets close to Leela

Anupama episode 12 July 2021

Kavya gets upset hearing anupama’s idea about the cafe she things that she must find out a job for 1 hour so that she can find a financial security for her family.

Anupama tries to speak to someone but samar gets angry on Anupama and avoids her completely. Anupama asks samar that she wants to talk to her him ssamar says that why had she given the space to vanraj for making his own Cafe Anupama tells samar that he should not only think about kavya nad vanraj.

There ba tells husmusk that the last night kavya slept on her lap.Hearing this husmukh gets shocked.Ba tells that kavya is bad but she is feeling bad for her too.

Rakhi makes Paritosh understand that they should separate from the Shah family. Paritosh Tales to Rakshit the advantage of staying in a joint family but dark he says Paritosh and Kinjal should suffer from the family. Paritosh disagrees with her.

Rakhi tells him to think about the idea Rakhi calls someone and tells the man to get the house ready because Kinjal and Paritosh will be shifting soon. Paritosh thinks that he should speak to Kinjal about the thing Rakhi as told him. Hasmukh decides that he will be helping,vanraj. Vanraj asks Hasmukh about samar.Vanraj says to Hasmuk that he can understand as Samar opened dance academy for Anupama with love.

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Samar dance angrily. Nandini asks Samar to stop reacting. Leela speaks to Kavya and makes her understand and tell her to support vanraj. Kavya understands her words and agrees to support vanraj.

When Pakhi sees that Lela and Kavya together and speaking to each other in a very good way,she clicks some pictures and things of sending it to Hasmukh. Leela tells Kavya to remove her makeup otherwise everyone will be laughing on her.

Kavya tells vanraj that she will be supporting him he tells Kavya that he only need three months to prove himself Kavya a locks that deal. Anupama comes ,Vanraj says to Anupama that it is very awkward to work along. Anupama says everything is fine.

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