Anupama Upcoming Story,twist 5 July 2021

Anupama episode 5 july 2021 written update

Star Plus popular serial Anupama’s upcoming episode will be quite interesting.

Trying to create problems at every stage but Anupama is overcoming them very easily.

Kavya tried to create problems between Kinjal and Anupama so that their relations break up and did move apart from each other but she did not succeed in her plan.

In the upcoming episode, it will be interesting to see that what new plan Kavya makes to create new travel in Anupama’s life.

Well in the latest episode it was shown that Anupama and the whole family are planning for Samar’s birthday party.

Samar has no idea that the family is planning such a great party for him and he gets upset because he thinks that due to kavya’s drama in the house everyone has forgotten his birthday.

Vanraj has planned to gift a guitar to samar. The next morning Samar wakes up sees everyone is avoiding him, he gets upset and thinks that no one has even remembered his birthday.

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