Anupama New Twist: Anupama gets upset which Anuj | Anupama 2 April 2024

Anupama 2 april 2024

The star plus daily soap Anupama is one the most watched shows.the audiences are very excited to know that what will be happening in the upcoming episodes.

The makers of the show have never failed to entertain the audience.In the upcoming episode of Anupama it will be seen that anupama will get to know that paritosh has got bail.

She will go to anuj to ask the reason behind helping paritosh. Anuj will break down completely and tell that he cannot see their children in pain.

Anupama will go to Anuj’s office to question his decision to get Paritosh out on bail and ease out on his punishment.

Anuj will then explain that he cannot see a kid bear the brunt of the crime committed by an elder person.He will also that he can relate the pain in pari’s mind.

He will also tell Anupama on details every time that everyone should get a chance to rectify themselves. Anupama will say that but he also knows very well that Paritosh has got enough of chances.

Anuj will make her understand that he can’t see their children in pain and the main reason is that he can never see that Anupama is in pain.He says that whatever he has done here then right according to his perspective.

The upcoming episode of serial Anupama will be very interesting will get to know that what will happen Paritosh again does something wrong.

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