Bhagya Lakshmi 17th October 2023 : Will Lakshmi and Rishi survive?

bhagya lakshmi

Zee TV’s bhagya lakshmi is one of the most watched daily soaps.The viewers are very excited to know that what will be happening in the upcoming eisodes.

Rishi and lakshmi gives the credit to ayush for all that he has done for them.They also inform that they are married because of ayush.

On the other hand malishka gets angry on them.Kiran aks that what is the matter.Malishka says that everything is over now.

She tells that rishi and lakshmi has got married.Kiran asks sonal that what is the matter she informs about rishi’s and lakshmi’s marraige.

Kiran says that rishi lost his ture love.The neighbours learns that rishi is the heir of the oberoi house.Rishi tells every one to wait as he has a surpeise.

Rishi does the griha pravesh ritual for lakshmi with his own hands.Malishka in her room exclaims that today was supposed to be her wedding night after getting married to Rishi.

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