Viral Video! Women dance inside Delhi Metro


Delhi Metro viral videos: Delhi Metro officials keep on updating the passengers and the officials have said a lot of times that dancing, making reels are strictly prohibited in the metro but people never pays any attention to these rules.

Recently a video is going well in social media and Twitter. In the video it can be seen that a woman is dancing inside the metro. The passengers are not comfortable with the women. The video has been shared on Twitter.

The viral video has already received lots of comments.”Delhi metro needs serious checks, it seems like the new location for reel makers” shared a twitter user.Another user commented, “Entertainment ki koi kami nhi hai Delhi metro mai”.

The videos shared on Twitter on 6th July 2023 and it got viral,it has accumulated close to three lakh views and the numbers are only increasing. 

This is not the first time that this kind of incident are happening in the daily Metro before these a girl was found straightening her hair in the Delhi metro station.

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