Salman Khan gifted his lucky bracelet to Amir Khan

salman khan
Salman khan

Salman Khan has gifted his lucky bracelet to Amir Khan and Aamir Khan was very scared to lose it that’s why he decided to return it to Salman. As be all know that both actors celebrated the Eid together this year.

Salman Khan and Aamir Khan both celebrated EID together at the residence of Salman Khan. Litter at Arpita Khan and Ayush Sharma’s annual it party when the photos came out everyone was looking at the hand of Aamir Khan.

It was in that Aamir Khan is wearing the bracelet that Salman Khan wears. The fans for excited to know that why did Salman gift it to Aamir Khan. Now YouTube jaby koay was also invited to the party has share the incident.

In his recent YouTube video he said that Salman and Aamir got drunk and had and emotional moment give his lucky bracelet. He also recalled visiting Aamir Khan’s house and say that he notice that struggling with the bracelet.

He added that when he asked Amir that what has happened Amir said him,” I was hanging out with Salman last night and we wear celebrating his movie he got drunk and I got drunk and he gave it to me”.

In the video the YouTuber also recalled how Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira challenge him to a push-up contest. In an old video Salman has said that actually the blue colour stone in his bracelet is called Feroza.

She also said that they are only two leaving stones one is Greek And the another one is Feroza. Fans all over the internet were very deleted when they saw that Salman Khan has decided to give it to Amir.

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