Mahendra Singh Dhoni celebrates his 42nd birthday [Video]

dhoni birthday 2023
dhoni birthday 2023

The ex-Indian Cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni has recently posted some beautiful pictures from his 42nd birthday party. The pictures are adorable because he is in celebrating his birthday along with his dogs.

Dhoni was gifted with messages and greetings from all his friends, colleagues and other members of the cricket and sports fraternity. The fans where we excited to know that how did the cricketer celebrate his birthday.

Generally Dhoni stage out of social media but for his friends he has dropped up beautiful videos. The cricketer give fans into how he celebrated his birthday and he share a reel on Instagram.

The video is being shared all over the social media and it is getting viral slowly. As we all know that Dhoni is one of the most reputed and successful cricketers of our country. He is the only Indian cricket captain who have won 3 ICC trophies.

He is also regarded the best in business when it comes to IPL. According to the reports Dhoni has got hurt in his left knee. She will need 324 months of rehabilitation time, after which he will start preparing for his next edition.

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