Taylor Swift STOPS Singing Suddenly, accidentally swallowed a bug

Taylor Swift

Taylor swift had a concert at the Chicago’s Soldier Field.A video taken by an audience member appears to show the singer swallowed a bug as she had a mild coughing fit on stage.

She was introducing the member of her band pianist Karina DePiano when she turned around to cover her mouth and cough.

Later In the video, the singer can be heard saying, “I swallowed a bug, I’m so sorry.”She added, “It’s totally fine. It’s just stupid.” She also tried to spit out the bug and joked, “Delicious.”

Besides this there are rumours that the singer has been spotted with the bollywood actor and singer Diljit Dosanjh.

As per the news outlet the Punjabi singer and American singer and songwriter “were seen laughing and being touch touch”.

Diljit has debuted at one of the most coveted international music festivals, Coachella 2023.The fans are excited to know what is cooking between both of them.

The internet is more eager with this topic because taylor recently broke up with her rumoured boyfriend.It is hard to understand what exactly is happening in the lives of these stars and it is necessary to give them the privacy they deserve.

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