Bigg Boss OTT 2: OH NO! Palak Purswani gets second chance

bigg boss ott 2

Television’s popular show Bigg Boss is again back and the host is Salman Khan. In a new teaser It is seen that Palak Purswani gets rejected from the show due to lower number of votes.

The show started streaming from 17th june 2023.Just after a few hours in Day 1 Prakash Kumar was evicted.

As per a promo shared on Voot’s Instagram account on Monday, Palak Purswani received the fewest votes.

But, Palak still has a chance to stay in the house.The challenge was between Palak Purswani and Akanksha Puri.

And it was told that the fate of these contestants will be decided by the public in next three hours. And it was seen that palak was the one with lowest number of votes.

Now a new teaser has revealed otherwise, with Bigg Boss providing Palak with one last chance to stay in the house.

In another teaser it is shown that Palak has to collect a total of 30,000 units of BB currency.Inside the Bigg Boss house, all the contestants use the BB currency. 

Will palak be able to complete the task?

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