Anupama 26th May 2023 spoiler alert

Anupama 26th May 2023
Anupama 26th May 2023

Anupama 26th May 2023-The Star Plus daily soap Anupama is one of the most loved TV serials. The makers of the show have planned something interesting for the upcoming episodes.

Anupama 26th May 2023

Anuj tells Anupama that he wants to speak to her and that he has something to tell her. Anupama receives a call from Guru Maa and she says that she has to leave.

Gurumaa scolds her students for failing in their responsibilities. Anupama reaches. Nakul asks where was she, they called her many times. Anupama says sorry.

On the other hand Maaya tells Anuj that they should go home now as Little Anu is sleepy. Anuj asks Barkha to take them home as Ankush has some work from him.

Barkha says they can visit office in the morning.Anuj says its important and leaves with Ankush. Barkha asks about Anupama. Kanta says she will come late.

Ankush tells Anuj that he has taken the right decision that he wants to inform everything to Anupama that what actually happened at that point of time.

She tells Anuj that he will always be there for him in any condition. On the other hand Anupama walks down the road and recalls what Nakul said to her and she thinks that why did he tell all this to her.

Anupama remembers that Anuj wanted to speak to her.Anuj stops his car.Barkha panics thinking if Anuj really went to office. Maaya fears if Anuj went to meet Anupama. Vanraj also fears same.

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