Kundali Bhagya Update:OMG! Arjun needs to tell the truth

Kundali Bhagya

Dadi tells that she also feels that Arjun is the only person who behave like Karan and she thinks that he is no one other than Karan.

She asks him to reveal the truth in front of the family and tell that he is Karan. Arjun tries to go away from there but everyone traps him.

Kareena tells that she is not ready to believe that he is current but now she is asking him that who is he.Kritika comes there and says that she knows the truth.

She tells her family that Arjun knows everything about Luthras.She tells them that Arjun knows everything because he is her brother.

She tells everyone that actually she has seen Prithvi and Karan both of them fighting with each other and that was the time when Arjun has asked the password.

Krithika reveals to everyone that actually Prithvi neuter password of the local and Arjun went to him to know the password of the locker.

Arjun says that Kritika is right. Rishabh apologizes to him on behalf of Luthras.And then he says that Arjun saved their life by saving Kavya.

He tells that destiny decides everything. He says that he has to leave now.He gives a look at Preeta and both of them gets emotional.

Preeta calls him by the name of Karan and his tops he understands his mistake and he goes on moving. Then she thanks him for saving her daughter’s life.

Rakhi tells him that they can’t forget what he did for them. She tells the now all of them respect him for what he has done.

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