Anupama Episode 13th September 2022: Who is toshu’s new girlfriend?

Anupama 13 september 2022

Anupama Episode 13th September 2022 : Anupama confronts Paritosh that what has happened with the girl and who is the girl who is messaging him rapidly. She asks him that what is he doing outside the house and why should he having affair with someone else.

She questions him that what is the relation between the girl and him she asked whether they are having any affair or not. She also asks him that what is the reason behind all this things and why does she does not know anything about this.

Anupama asks him that when Rakhi knows about this matter why does his own mother does not know about this matter and why is he hiding the truth from her. She plays the recording of the girl in front of Paritosh.

Paritosh gets shocked to know that she has got to know about the truth he tells that when she has given the opportunity to give the reason he will give the reason to her and tell the truth to her what happened.

Anupama keeps on questioning him and ask him that what is going on. He asked her to give some time because when she has given the opportunity and he has told that he will tell the truth then he will tell what has happened to her but in its time.

Paritosh starts telling Anupama that he does not have any extra marital affair with the girl or have any feelings for the girl. Anupam ask that when he does not have any feelings for the girl then why is the girl sending such SMS.

He says that he does not know about this. He says that if the girl is sending the messages that it means that the girl has feelings for him but he does not have any feelings for the girl. On the other hand Anuj starts thinking that what is happening at the place.

Anuj starts thinking that Anupama told him that she is going with Paritosh to the other room to do the rituals of the baby naming ceremony but why she late he decides to go and find out that what is the problem.

Samar calls everyone and asks to join for the family photograph. But Anuj keeps on thinking he tells him that he should go and find out Anupama. Leela tells him that he should not worry because his wife has gone inside to do some rituals with Paritosh.

On the other hand, Paritosh tells the truth to Anupama he tells that when Kinjal was pregnant it was very frustrating for him because he had to take care of Kinjal each and every second and have to take her to the doctor for check-up.

He tells that he required someone to speak to him because he was not uh able to share his feelings with Kinjal because in pregnancy she was in pain and there were many health problems. Anupama asks that what happened ultimately.

Paritosh shouts at her and tells that the same thing has happened which happens between two opposite genders. Anupama gets shocked to hear this she sits down. She tries to to control herself and control her emotions.

A lot of these will be happening in the upcoming episode of Star Plus daily soap. Stay tuned to us for the latest spoilers and updates of the show. And keep on watching Star Plus daily soap anupama.

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