Anupama 9 September 2022:OH NO! Will rakhi tell the truth to anupama?

Anupama 9 September 2022

anupama 9 september 2022

Anupama decorates the baby’s cradle. Samar asks the reason why is she doing this. Anupama tells him not to stop interrupting. 

Kinjal finds the doll pretty. Kinjal asks Anupama if she made it.She says that anuj and she both have made the doll. Anupama adds infant world revolves around their mother for the first few months.

Samar comes and put the teddy on the cradle and then one by one. Shahs out there hang their favourite belonging to the cradle and decorate it for baby.

Anuj sees that he has got a note from Anupama. Anupama asked Anuj to recheck the files. Anuj feels lucky that he has got a wife like her.

He says Anupama is great as she is managing the office too despite being so busy. Anu goes near the baby. Leela stops her.

Anupama 9 September 2022 twist

Anu gets emotional and starts crying.She says Leela didn’t let her take the baby in her arms and now she is not allowing her to go near the cradle.

Ankush comes and asks anuj whether he called them. Anuj tells him to get him office files. He further asks Ankush and Barkha to close the door before leaving.

Rakhi decide to leave the place.Kinjal asks that why is she leaving the place.Rakhi says she will come for baby’s name ceremony.

Later Leela asks Anupama to come for baby’s name ceremony on time. Vanraj thanks Anupama for helping them and staying with them.

He further invites Anuj, Barkha and Ankush for the baby’s name ceremony. The next day anuj and anupama gets ready to leave for the shah house.

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