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Anupama 6th September 2022

Anupama 6th September 2022: Anuj and Anupama sleep together suddenly in the middle of the night Anupama hears a strange sound.

Anupama tries to figure out what has happened she finds that Anuj is lying on the ground and he has is unconscious.

She gets scared she tries to wake him up but he does not give any reply or showing improvement Anupama gets traumatized.

Anupama starts screaming and asks everyone to come over there and help her because I know she is not answering her and he is not speaking.

Everyone comes and helps her. Ankush helps Anuj to get on the bed and asks him to sleep. The next morning Anuj wakes up.

Anupama 6th September 2022 Promo update-Anuj loses his memory

He finds that he has got a hurt on his hand he tries to understand what has happened with him during the night because he could not remember anything.

Anuj asks Anupama what has happened to him the last night Anupama gets shocked to hear this. She does not say anything.

He asks her whether Kinjal has returned home and how is she because she was in the hospital and she was ready for the delivery of the child.

Anupama gets shocked to know that he has lost the memory of the last day. She gets into a big problem.

What will happen now? Will Anuj slowly forget everything?

Will Ankush and Barkha take this opportunity to transfer the properties to their name?

A lot of twists are waiting for the audience for the upcoming episodes. The makers of the show are coming up with a new twist in the upcoming episode.

The Star Plus daily soap Anupama is coming up with a new and interesting twist in each and every episode which is keeping the audience don’t to the show.

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