Anupama 14 September 2022:Paritosh asks anupama to hide the truth

Anupama 14 September 2022
Anupama 14 September 2022

Anupama 14 September 2022:anupama gets angry on toshu and says that he should not have done what he has done because it is a very very wrong thing.

Paritosh asks Anupama to stop lecturing him.He says that what is done is done and now nothing can be done.He asks Anupama not to break his family like her.

Anupama gets shocked to hear that her own son is now blaming him .Paritosh says to Anupama that his daughter just arrived and let him stay in peace.

Toshu tells that he has moved on .He further asks Anupama to stay quiet and not break his family.Anupama asks Paritosh if he wants her to hide the truth.

He says that she is absolutely right.Toshu tells that now she should go away from there.He asks Anupama to fix herself and attend naming ceremony.

Anupama could not believe that her son is like this. Rakhi overhears Paritosh and Anupama.Paritosh asks Rakhi to make Anupama.

Toshu tells rakhi make Anupama understand to shut her mouth too for the reason she is mum.Leela asks about Anupama. Paritosh says Anupama will arrive soon.

Kinjal asks what has happened Paritosh says Anupama was lecturing him upon being responsible and Rakhi joined her later.

Leela tells that anupama really gives very long lectures.Anuj douts and asks toshu if everything is fine. Paritosh nods.

On the other hand Barkha says to Ankush that she feels something is fishy.Rakhi asks Anupama to listen to her once.

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