Anupama 12 September 2022 :Paritosh’s secret comes out | Anupamaa

Anupama 12 september 2022

Anupamaa: Anupama asks Anuj whether he is tired she tells him that if he is tired he can take rest and she will respond ritual.

Anuj asks her not to prospond and anything due to him he says that he is not tired and he can be there. Ankush and Barkha tells that they are there to take care of Anuj. Anuj tells that when Anupama is there with him they should not worry.

Barkha tells that she has lots of responsibilities and it says that he knows that and he also knows that she can take care of everything. On the other hand suddenly a flower plate falls down on the ground and breaks into pieces.

Leela start shouting on Anu she blames her for all these she says that she has told her a lot of times to stay away from the baby but she is not hearing to her. Anu gets afraid and she danced to Anupam and starts crying.

Meenu comes over there and tells that Anu is not responsible for what has happened. She says that she is responsible because she was willing to shower the flowers on the baby and she was going to take the flower plate.

She says that Anu even wanted to stop her but she did not listen and the flower plate broke. L get shocked to hear this she keep quite after hearing the truth because she thought that it is due to Anu that the plate has broke.

And that Leela scolded Anu without any reason and she did not even know the truth. Leela apologize to Anu and meenu and says that she did not hear the truth and scold and then that’s why she is sorry she says that she is just worried about the baby.

The family starts with the naming ceremony of the baby

Everyone starts suggesting the names Anupama and vanraj suggest the same name “Arya”. Everyone feels that it’s the best name for the baby and they agreed to keep the name for the baby. Rakhi says that Anupama and vanraj decided the same name.

She says that there must be some connection between both of them. Barkha tells Ankush that something drama will be happening in the house. Ankush asks that what is the drama and who will do drama. Barkha tells the Rakhi will do the drama.

Anupama asks Rakhi whether everything is fine or not she says that it could be fine and she gives a look at Paritosh.Later Anupama gets to know about the Extra marital affair of Paritosh and she gets angry on him.

Anupama catches toshu

She makes excuses and drags Paritosh to another room to speak to him that what is going on behind her and why is he having extra marital affair when he knows that he has become a father now and what is he doing in his life.

Pakhi tell that you like to take a photo with Adhik and the baby.Samar tells her to stay away from him she asks him to understand as vanraj as also in the student. Leela asks them to find a girl for samar so that he can get married.

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