Meet 2nd August 2022 Spoiler Alert: Barfi destroys meet’s a plan


Barfi asks Deep and Isha to make them where the Rings. Everyone gets emotional after seeing this one also gets happy.

She tells everyone that she was thinking of something. But he tells that she was thinking that both of them Isha and deep are so excited for their way I think so she was thinking that if they could give their wedding the same day.

He tells that the time is very good and they should do the wedding rituals and should complete the wedding the same day.

Babita gets shocked and she says that she has a good sense of humor and she is just joking. Barfi tells why will be she joking she is serious about this.

Meet things that she thought that she will be able to stop the wedding somehow but the thing is that now everything is getting destroyed.

She thinks that actually Barfi is smarter than her that’s why she is doing all list. Meet Ahlawat tell that they have already book the resort for the wedding after 2 days.

Rajvardhan also tells that they should do the wedding according to the timing they have planned for. But Ram tells that they can do the same thing because there will be no problem if the waiting happens 2 days ago.

Seeing that Isha’s parents are also agreeing to Barfi Rajvardhan changes his decisions and says that if they don’t have any problem then it can happen.

Meet thinks that she should do something to stop the wedding, she decides to tell the truth to meet ahlawat before the wedding.

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